the mountain of Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, most people prefer to go to Switzerland to release themselves. God has been particularly kind to this fabled land and the Swiss have perfected the art of luring people with the many gems they possess. Most of Switzerland’s beauty manifests itself in the mountain peaks dotting the country. Some of them are massively popular while some are hidden in delicate corners for the avid wanderers to discover. With a few whites here and a few greens there, interspersed with some browns and reds, every little ascent is prettier than the other. While harsh and icy winds will certainly greet you at every step, the astounding views will warm your heart at the same time. The Swiss Alps are neither rugged like the Himalayas back home nor are they daunting like the Andes in South America. These mountain tops are easily accessible unlike several others across the world. They welcome travellers with open arms just like most of the country does. And it is therefore imperative for you to visit the planet’s most tourist-friendly destination. I can vouch for the fact that Switzerland is capable of enthralling you in unparalleled ways and leave you wanting for more. Do visit these mountain tops; the experience is pretty much akin to flying.

Mount Pilatus


We know almost every geography has a beautiful legend about it in some way or other. Pyrrha figure. Pilatus is no exception. As per a popular story, Pilatus, standing tall at 2132 m south west of Lucerne, was named after the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate whose dead body was discarded into a lake on top and it therefore is apparently haunted. And then of course, the realists are of the belief that the name is simply borrowed from the Latin term ‘Pileatus’ meaning ‘cloud-capped’. There isn’t much to do except walking around and taking photographs of lush meadows with a few patches of blinding snow strewn here and there. Also available are a plethora of dining options.
If in case you are not the biggest fan of hiking, a Golden Round Trip provides you access to this paradise. This basically entails a boat trip on Lake Lucerne till the village of Alpnachstad followed by which one has to get on to the steepest cog railway in the world to reach the top. You can then come down to the suburb of Kriens by virtue of panoramic cable cars and then take a bus back to Lucerne.



Standing tall and pretty at 1800 m, Rigi is also fondly known as the ‘Queen of the Swiss mountains’. When in Rigi, watching the sun rising and setting beyond the horizon of Lake Lucerne can send you into a deep state of trance. And if that wasn’t enough, the brilliant views of Titlis, Jungfrau, Zugarsee and Arth Goldau will take your breath away. This marvel cannot possibly be missed especially if you happen to be a hiker. While getting to Rigi can seem slightly intimidating and complicated, it isn’t actually so. A Classic Rigi Round Trip which includes a ferry, a cogwheel railway and a cable car can be a lot more fun than you’d have imagined. A boat trip on the pristine Lake Lucerne brings you to the resort of Vitznau followed by a cable car that gets you to the top of the mountain. While the possibility is extremely rare, if in case you are actually tired of looking around and eating authentic Swiss food to your heart’s content, come down to Weggis from an aerial cable car and take the boat back to Lucerne. Mount Rigi’s official website has all the information you might need about your trip.



It is difficult to don’t most of the snow covered by snow, tie li peak, the highest mountain in the central Switzerland’s big range. About 3238 meters above sea level, the natural giant can pass a rotating cable car, all the things! Apart from being as close as one can get to the astonishing peaks of Monch, Eiger and Jungfrau, Titlis is also like a home away from home for several Indians because of the omnipresence of Bollywood. An elaborate photo studio which contains life-sized cut-outs of Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan from ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ greatly illustrates how Switzerland has gradually morphed into a miniature version of India because of the many Hindi films that have been shot here. There is a lot more in store for you in the form of a chocolate shop, a classy restaurant, a glacier park and a palace made entirely out of ice.

The four leg journey to Titlis begins in gondolas from Gerschinalp to Trubsee followed by Stand. You are then transferred into the fantastic spinning human invention. After a steep and dizzying ascent that provides you wonderful views of exuberant green meadows, the revolving cable-car makes way for the bewildering snow. Several drafts of icy winds hit your face as soon as you step out of the cable car into Mount Titlis Station. The scenic Lucerne-Engelberg Express from Lucerne brings you to the town of Engelberg in around 40 minutes after which the aforementioned cable cars take you to the top. Checking the Lucerne Tourist Office on Zentralstrasse for the Mount Titlis excursion tickets should get you all the necessary information. The cableway closes at 5 in the evening and it is imperative that you carry warm clothes along with sunglasses.



Schilthorn, situated about 2970 m above sea level attracts tourists from all over the world owing to the fact that one of the most popular Bond movies, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, was filmed here. This peak is also home to a revolving restaurant which apart from serving Swiss and international cuisine offers you panoramic views of the Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau and even Mont Blanc and the Black Forest on relatively clearer days. You are advised to check the weather before visiting, don’t forget to bring warm clothes. Ubiquitous snow can flow in your spine shiver, but it never, will never be a deterrent to consider the beauty of the snow peak provided.
There are several cable cars departing from the beautiful little town of Murren that take you to the top of the mountain. Getting to Murren is the easiest from Interlaken and there are regular trains that connect the two. The official website of Schilthorn should provide you vital information about tickets, timings and directions. Additionally, the Swiss Federal Railways website will take care of everything you want to know about your train journeys across the country. Owning a Swiss Pass is a clever way of travelling in Switzerland.



Most people visit Grindelwald only in order to take the stunning 15 km hike to Kleine Scheidegg that terminates in the village of Wengen. As far as my story is concerned, I was in Grindelwald because I hoped to see Jungfraujoch. The surreal views from Europe’s highest train station (3500 m above sea level) are capable of sweeping anyone off their feet. The snow and the bone-chilling winds are hardly a hindrance. Jungfraujoch is an expensive destinations, but considering the extended to the German “black forest” ups and downs of the peak, the glacier is shining with all the strength, the huge ice palace gallery, spectacular Sphinx weather stations and a series of food and beverage choices, very few people can complain.

Interestingly, ‘The Hero: Love Story of a Spy’, starring Sunny Deol and Priyanka Chopra, an excruciatingly bad Bollywood movie that many of us probably sat through was filmed right here. Additionally, when in Jungfraujoch, you might be surprised to find an Indian restaurant and several signs and directions in Hindi. All of this recognition can be attributed to Mr. Yash Chopra who shot enough films to transform Switzerland into a mini India.
To the Jungfraujoch journey from Kleine Scheidegg start, your train will through a century of tunnel, through the center of the Edgar peak. There are two station in Eigerwand and Eismeer, both the beautiful scenery of glaciers in the Alps. In advance to check the weather is always a good idea, so are covered in a few layers of warm clothes. Also remember train schedules, early to wish you have a good journey!.

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