Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World


You should avoid these following things when you visit Disney.

1. Do not push or shove your way through crowds to get to the front of a show.  Either get there early or just stay where you are when you arrive.

2. Do not allow your kids to hang on railings, chains, or invade others personal space while in line for a ride.  No explanation needed.

3. Do not use your stroller or motorized wheel chair to to pummel people out of your way.  There is nothing more irritating than having your heels trampled by someone behind you with a stroller. We all have somewhere to be and we need our feet to get us there.

4. Do not scream at your children (or spouse) in public. No matter how quiet you think you are when scolding your family member, someone hears it.  No one wants their magic interrupted with that kind of negativity.

5. Do not stand in front of children during a parade. They are only little once.  If you see a child trying to watch the parade, take a step back & allow them to experience the parade with an unobstructed view.

It may seem common knowledge to avoid these behaviors, but sometimes the Florida heat and park crowds can make the nicest person forget their manners. If you just keep this list in mind, I promise that you (and the people around you) will have a much more pleasant experience at the park!

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