What I really like about the Laberinto de Villapresente in Cantabria, northern Spain, apart from the fact that it looks very nice (especially from the air) is the idea behind it. The economic crisis in the eurozone has hit particularly hard here in Spain – but it affected Emilio Perez Carral very hard. He was a forester and had a business selling cypress trees.

Laberinto de Villapresente, Cantabria, Spain

It’s such a nice idea: solving a problem with a sustainable project. Emilio is a local entrepreneur and my own travel company likes to promote his way of thinking, so we have started taking families to the maze, too.

Adult €4, child (7-12) €3, laberintodevillapresente.es

Diego Martin is one of the founders of Pura Aventura, a tour operator specialising in Spain and Latin America

[Source : http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2017/apr/12/laberinto-de-villapresente-maze-spain-cantabria]

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