Bored of the run-of-the-mill obstacle course?

Thrill seekers can soon channel their inner ninja at a new climbing attraction that opens in Kanagawa, Japan on March 25.

They can attempt to scale the 16.1m-tall ‘Muscle Monster’ at Sagamiko Pleasure Resort Forest which is perched on top of a mountain for that extra kick.

Touted as Asia’s first large-scale climbing attraction, ‘Muscle Monster’ is modeled after the SOAR Adventure Tower in Tennessee, United States.

The 1,000 square metre structure in the Japanese resort spans three levels and has 92 types of activities that aim to occupy gutsy visitors for the entire day.

After getting to the top, climbers (and their sore muscles) will be rewarded with a 360-degree view of the surrounding forest and mountains from the rooftop observation deck.


But before you jet off to Japan, check that you are over 1.2m tall and weigh less than 120kg.

And remember to make sure that you’re tethered to something while climbing.

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