Luggage belt at an airport

Luggage belt at an airport

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A suspicious bag found on the baggage carousel shut down Brisbane International Airport in Australia on Wednesday. The black duffle bag had the words “Bomb to Brisbane” written on it, Yahoo 7 News reported.

“The Australian Federal Police responded to reports of a suspicious item of baggage at Brisbane International Airport this morning,” a police spokesperson told Yahoo 7 News. “An area near a baggage carousel was cordoned off and the item was examined in accordance with routine protocols, and was not deemed to be suspicious.”

The bag, instead of being a nefarious threat, was actually a passenger’s simple (and careless) attempt at making sure their bag got to the right place.

The passenger traveling from Mumbai, India, which was also written on the bag’s note, wrote “Bomb” to indicate Bombay. Mumbai’s former name was Bombay and the city’s airport is still coded as “BOM.” So, the note saying “Bomb to Brisbane,” was actually just to indicate the bag was to go from Mumbai to Australia.

It’s unclear how the bag got all the way to Australia with the note attached to it without tipping off any other security measures. “How it made it all the way is beyond me, you’ve got to be pretty thick to do that,” the owner of the bag told Yahoo 7 News.”

Even though this bag ended up being an innocuous mistake, airport security must take any suspicious bag or possible threat with utmost sincerity. Even making jokes about bomb threats can be punishable by law.

The confusion over Mumbai Airport has also caused confusion and false alarms before. Back in January, a man was arrested for checking his flight status.

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