If we could only smooth the wrinkles out of the modern travel experience, then every flight would be an elegantly airborne study in relaxation. We often hear that the golden age of air travel is over. But what if all the aggravations we associate with flying today were totally avoidable?

In partnership with Lufthansa, we’ve enlisted the help of several experts in creating this guide for travelers of every kind — frequent business flyers, pleasure seekers, families with small children — to better prepare for every step of your next international flight. Armed with these hacks, your next visit to 30,000 feet will be something to write home about.



Edit Your Travel Wardrobe

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“You need to bring half the clothes and twice the money,” says Joe Brancatelli, a journalist who’s been covering business travel for more than 30 years. “They have these amazing things right now around the world called dry cleaners.” Overpacking is a rookie mistake. Limit your color palette and make clunky items like accessories and shoes do double (or even triple) duty so you can streamline your luggage to just one or two smartly packed bags.


Wait And Hope You’ll Sit Together If Flying With Kids

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You’ve definitely seen (or have been, sigh,) the harried-looking father in row 24 pleading with a flight attendant to find someone to take his toddler’s assigned middle seat in row 19. Families often think they can sort out awkward seating situations at the airport. But this is a really bad idea, says Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, a family travel expert for About.com. At that point, “There’s not a whole lot the staff can do,” she explains. “It can be hard to get people to switch [their seat] because they’ve paid [a premium] for it.” Parents: you should be those people. Kelleher recommends jumping on the option airlines offer to pay slightly more to pick preferred seating. It will give you peace of mind before you take your family to the airport.


Plan Your Airplane Outfit (And Remember, Leggings Are Not Pants)

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Yes, we’re going there. When dressing for your flight, don’t forget one thing: “Leggings are not pants.” So says Abbie Unger, a former flight attendant and creator of The Flight Attendant Career Connection. You heard it here, folks.

Remember, also, that the time to figure out what you’re going to wear on the plane is not when you’re fumbling with your alarm four hours before your 8 a.m. flight to Frankfurt. Prepare an ensemble of layers ahead of time and try to keep a few tips in mind, Unger says. “[Cabin] pressurization can wreak havoc on your belly” — hey, gas is a small price we pay to jump the Atlantic in a mere seven hours…  — “so wearing something that can stretch is good for comfort,” Unger says. Don slip-on shoes and leave the belt in your carry-on to expedite the security process.

Pashmina scarves and compression socks are two of Unger’s favorite go-tos for adding fun-yet-practical style to a travel outfit. A scarf can double as a pillow or a blanket, and the socks increase circulation in your feet (especially important on long-haul international flights). OK, OK, maybe compression socks aren’t all that “fun.”



Upgrade Your Seat At Check-In For Business Travel

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You can spot a business traveler from clear across the terminal. She’ll be the one who looks like she means, you know, business and gives zero you-know-whats.“There’s only one reason to be a business traveler,” Brancatelli says, “and that’s to get work done in a remote location.”

In order to stay productive, he recommends asking about upgrades as soon as you get to the airport, especially from coach to premium economy, which he sees as very similar to what business class was 25 years ago. “These things often sell for very little more than the coach tickets you’re already traveling with, but with better amenities and 4 to 5 inches more legroom,” Brancatelli says. “You’ll save hours on the ground because you’ll be in better shape, you’ll be able to sleep.”


Prep Your Child For ‘TSA Meets Mr. Snuggles’

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Dealing with a child’s separation anxiety can be a long, delicate and challenging hurdle for parents… And the security line at the airport is no place to start that dialogue.

Yet parents are nonstopping toward that ugly moment when they don’t introduce young ones to the more stressful aspects of flying beforehand, like parting with a beloved stuffed animal at security, says Kelleher. “Kids are like anyone, they don’t like surprises,” she says. “They’re very reluctant to let [stuffed animals] go through security.” So to avoid your child’s trembling lower lip that often signifies a complete meltdown, talk to your young ones about the more stressful aspects of flying ahead of time.



Order A Bloody Mary

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You’re at cruising altitude, and your seatmate’s choice of a whiskey neat is looking tempting. But even if it’s complimentary, it might be best to opt for water over (or alongside) spirits if you wanted to arrive at your destination looking fresh. “At the altitude you’re flying at, your blood’s a little thinner … alcohol and caffeine can affect you a little bit more,” Unger explains. Not keeping up your water intake could mean you arrive on location looking and feeling worse for the wear — think: bags under your eyes and an serious attack of cankles. But if you’d still like to enjoy a harder drink, try a vodka soda instead of a Bloody Mary — despite being a popular choice, the latter’s high sodium content can mess with your efforts to hydrate. And no, eating the celery stalk won’t offset this.



Put On Your ‘Landing Lips’

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The plane is starting its descent. You’ve gotten a few winks, kept the kids happy, and even put a sizable dent in your Kindle copy of War and Peace. Now all that’s left is to deplane in style by putting on your “landing lips,” Unger says.

That’s flight attendant lingo for discreetly freshening up before disembarking. Unger swears by this Evian face spray, an aerosol can that will help rehydrate your moisture-starved skin. With a few spritzes, you should be ready to grab your rollerboard and head for customs — just don’t forget to thank the cabin crew first!

When you want to elevate your air travel experience, fly Lufthansa Airlines’ new Premium Economy Class. You’ll enjoy up to 50 percent more personal space, more comfortable seats to relax in, more storage for all your stuff, and more extra touches on-board and off. It’s perfect for those who want more than just more legroom.

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