1. Volunteer

Volunteering is one of the most effective ways of cutting down travel cost. Let’s say you want to travel to the Philippines; there are many volunteer opportunities which will offer you accommodation. If you are a frequent traveler, you will notice that accommodation takes a lot of your travel money. Once your accommodation is sorted, all you need to do now is focus on your fare.

2. Look for hosts in WWOOF

This one of many networks which help people travel the world. In their website, you will find a list of hosts who will be willing to stay with you as long as you offer to help in some duties in their organic farms. You can visit their website and find more information on the same: http://www.wwoof.net/ .

3. Travel Contests

There are any travel contests which you can enter. This is one of the cheapest options there is. The entire trip will be funded if you win the contest. Why keep on complaining about how travel is expensive while you can enter these contests and travel around the world?

4. Go slow

Travelling is an adventure, right? Then why are you in a hurry? You don’t need to catch a plane while you can use the road. Let’s imagine you want to travel in Africa. You land in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ( I always advise tourists to visit Kenya if they want to have a time of their lives. You can travel to any other city from Nairobi). You do not need to use air transport to visit any other city in East and Central Africa. If you want to get to Mombasa, there are very comfortable buses for less than $20. The beauty of this is that you will enjoy the beautiful scenery from Nairobi to Mombasa. Why pay 80 USD for a 30 minutes flight when you can use $15 and have an awesome road trip? From Mombasa, you can take a bus to Dar es Salaam Tanzania for only $18. From DAR you can take a boat trip to the beautiful Zanzibar Island. I could go on till you reach Cape Town but this is just an example of how going slow saves on money.

As you take up the next trip around the world, enjoy have fun. You only live once. If you need information on any travel related subject, feel free to contact me.

Article From :Huffingtonpost Travel

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