Best Vehicles For Travelling Around Australia?

We had a Ford Territory AWD, which is a type of 4WD, but has low clearance and no low-range so limited with places you can take it.

It’s more like a fake 4WD for suburban families. If we were to do it again we’d take a hard-core 4WD hence we can get to more special places.

Remember, clearance is vital. Our Territory sat quite low and we got bogged in Kakadu and couldn’t cross several rivers like along The Gibb River Road in The Kimberley’s, had to hire a 4wd to do Fraser Island, and definitely couldn’t do Cape York.

Best Vehicles For Travelling Around Australia?

A hard-core 4WD is the best way to explore Australia as some of the special places are remote and require a high clearance 4wd for access. That comes with a higher price and fuel consumption.

No need to put off your Australian road trip because you can’t afford a 4WD. There are always tours and things you can do to get around that for places you are dying to get to.

However, if you followed our journey around Australia you would have seen we still had an AMAZING time and got to visit so many incredible places in our AWD. Most places you can get to on sealed roads, even if you just have a regular car, so don’t stress too much and not travel OZ because you don’t have a 4wd.

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