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Listed below are 5 best countries to live for expats.

10. Germany

Survey respondents had an overwhelmingly positive experience with expat life in Germany, especially when it comes to economic indicators. The recent EU shake-up caused by the Brexit vote seems to have done very little in swaying that outlook: The country came in first place for job security as well as economic confidence. So, how do you make the most out of a stint in Germany? Several survey respondents recommended learning the language and enrolling younger children in public school so that they can do the same.



9. Bahrain

This island kingdom in the Persian Gulf makes the list, and it’s not only because of the lack of income taxes facilitated by vast oil wealth. Yes, the majority of respondents (65 percent to be exact) said they have more disposable income than they did at home, but Bahrain takes the gold medal when it comes to another crucial contributor to overall quality of life: Survey respondents said it was the place where it is easiest to make new friends.


8. Sweden

When making the decision to move overseas there’s more to consider than career prospects — especially if you’ll be resettling with kids in tow. When it comes to families, there’s no better place to make a new home than Sweden. In fact, three quarters of expats in the country report that their children’s quality of life has improved since moving and that Sweden offers improvements over their home country in terms of their kids’ health — long, dark winters notwithstanding — and available childcare resources.


7. Austria

In a ranking of the best cities for expats released earlier this year by Mercer, Vienna came out on top for the seventh straight year. The access to cultural landmarks, safety, and general ease of life were all cited as reasons why, and Austria makes the top ten here for many of the same reasons but also due to the quality of family life in the country. While it can be more expensive to raise a child overseas, a whopping 77 percent of respondents said the benefits — a better education, more comprehensive family healthcare (Austria comes in at number one in that metric) — outweigh those costs.


6. Norway

What would a top ten list be without Norway, that Scandinavian nation (population 5.2 million) consistently rated the best country in the world. The country takes living well very seriously, whether it’s by banning fossil fuel-powered cars or by enacting laws like allemannsretten, (“freedom to roam”), which stipulates that all uncultivated land — the forests, the fjords — is open for anyone to explore and interact with. When they’re not gallivanting around the wilderness, 60 percent of expats report a “positive experience of the working culture” in their new home, too.


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